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Benefits of upgrading your Lansdowne 100 amp service panel

John’s Electrical has a long history of upgrading Lansdowne home’s amperage service. Many of our clients have older homes with outdated amp service and benefit greatly from an upgrade. Here is a list of some of the benefits of upgrading your outdated 100 Amp Service Panel.



Upgrading a low Amperage service panel to a higher one can allow your home to use power more safely. It increases your homes maximum capacity which reduces the chance that you will trip the breakers. It is much safer for long term use.

Future Upgrades

Upgrading your service panel allows for future upgrades to your home. For example, if you have plans of installing outdoor lighting or a basement bar, then having a larger output ability on your circuit panel will give you room to spare for the upgrades.


Increase the amount of circuits

 Larger Amperage panels allow for more circuits. Increasing the amount of circuits in your home can have many benefits. You can spread out power consumption across many circuits to reduce the chance of overloading a circuit. Having more ciruits also allows you to run more appliances at the same time without worrying about overloading.


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