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Servicing for Electrical Fire Prevention in Newtown Square, PA

Are you in the Newtown Square, PA, area needing premium servicing for your home’s electrical systems? Each year, there are over an estimated 50,000 thousand fires caused by electrical malfunction, resulting in over 1.4 billion dollars and countless injuries. Most of these fires occur for the following reasons: aging equipment, which could be overloaded with too much power, which could lead to short-circuiting, improper installation with outlets, light fixtures, and circuit breakers. These fires can be easily prevented if the right course of action is taken. Calling a John’s Electrical Service inspection member in Newtown Square, PA, will immediately bring you peace of mind because of their professionalism and attention to detail.

Inspection and Servicing for Outlets in Newtown Square, PA
Fire Damage from Electrical Heater on Outlets in Newtown Square, PA

What will happen if I always keep my Electrical Heater on in Newtown Square, PA?


Most people think that electrical heaters are a safe alternative and that using them always won’t cause any issues in Newtown Square, PA. Unfortunately, that is not true for most home outlets and circuit breakers. Many modern and older home outlets do not possess the power requirements to have these heaters running full time, and even worse, using an extension cord can overheat the entire electrical system and create dangerous fires without you even noticing. Luckily, these fires are easily preventable by having a John’s Electrical Service member come out to your home and inspect your electrical outlets and circuit breakers. Call today.

Is getting electrical inspection services worth it in Newtown Square, PA?

If you are uncertain whether or not to hire someone to inspect your home’s electrical systems,, then you need to realize the potential damages you could face from an electrical fire. Damages that can occur will not only happen to your home but could also be life-threatening. Because most of these electrical fires start because of improper assembly of electrical units, these fires are impossible to notice until it is too late. Thankfully, John’s Electrical Service can help to assure these electrical fires do not occur. Our agents will come to your Newtown Square, PA, home, run a thorough inspection, and advise you of the information you need to prevent any types of issues in the future.   

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