Level 2 Car Charger Installations

Quality Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installations

Level 2 Car Charger Installation Services

Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charger Installation Services

At John’s Electrical Service, we provide local homeowners and businesses with energy-efficient level 2 car charger installations. Our electricians offer a swift setup, integrating your electric vehicle charging station directly into your home, facility, or parking spaces. We source our chargers from industry-leading manufacturers, guaranteeing longevity and quick charging speeds.

Enhance Your Home With a Level 2 EV Charger

If you own an electric vehicle, you may understand the struggle of trying to locate a public charging station. Our company offers residential level 2 car charger installations, ensuring homeowners always have access to a reliable and convenient charging solution. We tailor our installations to the needs of each property. The compact design of our level 2 car chargers makes them easy to install in garages or other spaces around your home. Contact John’s Electrical Service today to equip your home with electric vehicle charging capabilities.

Residential Level 2 Car Charger Installation Services
Commercial Level 2 Car Charger Installation Services

Commercial Level 2 Car Charger Installation Services

As a renowned provider of professional electrical services, we help local businesses add functionality to their property with commercial level 2 car charger installations. These chargers make a great addition to commercial parking lots and office spaces, providing a convenient amenity for both customers and employees.

Benefits of EV Charger Installations for Businesses:

  • Publically Display Your Company’s Commitment to Sustainable Practices and Forward-Thinking Innovation
  • Improve Accessibility of Clients and Employees
  • Attract New Potential Customers


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