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Now Offering Free Virtual Estimates

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, Johns Electrical Services is offering a Free Virtual Estimate. We are using Telework services for video conferences like Google Meet and Zoom. Using these technologies we are able to provide you with our professional and high quality services, from the comfort and safety of your home. We also offer in person estimates through Facetime! We can come to your home and walk around the property without having to meet you face-to-face while we are both on Facetime to give you an estimate immediately after.

We are taking every precaution necessary to offer you our high quality services. We will respect social distancing and we will keep you and your family safe in a safe environment.

Schedule a Virtual Estimate or Facetime Walk Through from your property, while you stay safely in your home!

Google Meet

Google Meet is an easy to use service that requires only an active GSuite business account and a computer/phone to be able to use.


Very easy to use, FaceTime is the Video Conferece program developed by Apple Inc. It is available and supported on all Apple products with cameras.


Zoom’s excellent video conferencing capabilities will allow us to communicate with you effectively through video chat, just like if we were in a typical session.


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